Summer weight Organic Cotton

Last of the stocks from  Greenfields Trading Company & Bishoptons Trading Company

Here in Wellington in the last couple of weeks, we have had a few very hot summery days. It has reminded me that I must get on and make some summery dresses.

We have the perfect low cost lightweight organic fabric for dresses, loose floaty skirts and shirts at only $20 per metre.  And they are perfect for duvet covers.  You will find them here.

These fabrics were acquired from the last remaining stocks from Greenfields Trading Company and Bishopton Trading Company.   Both companies have closed recently, However, theirs is a real feel good story. The fair trade scheme that covered children’s education right through to the age of 17, has meant that the current generation have now gone onto higher education.

Organic Cotton Plains

And remember if you wanting part metres just give us a call or email.  


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