All our homewares are sewn constructed in New Zealand.

We sew our cushions in-house in any size you like.  Our lampshades are constructed locally using 30% post consumer recycled materials.  Our lamp bases are either manufactured in New Zealand or are re-stored vintage pieces.

The majority of our smaller homewares items like our draught stops, door stops, aprons pockets and sleep masks are made from organic and natural fabric offcuts.  Even our range of cards, made by The Papermill, are from the smallest of our off-cuts and fabric fluff from the overlocker!

We offer two choices of cushion inners, a feather or wool inners.  We go to the trouble of choosing natural and organic fabrics for you so we do not offer synthetic polyester dacron inners, as they kind of defeat the purpose.

If you would like to have homewares custom made for you please contact us.