How long does it take to receive items?

This is dependent on the item. Sleep Frog Bedding is usually about 5-10 working days. Ink and Spindle fabric can take up to 6 weeks if the fabric needs to be printed to order.  Refer to the information provided on the product collection page.  .

Are your fabrics Fair-Trade Certified?

A small amount of our fabrics are Fair-Trade certified. However, most are GOTS certified which supersedes the Fair-Trade certification with their Minimum Social Criteria.  For most farmers and manufacturers it would be price prohibitive to have both certifications.

What is GOTS certification?

GOTS is one of the biggest Organic Textile Standards in the world.  GOTS certified manufacturers go through yearly testing on their fabrics, to ensure that the whole entire process from growing the cotton through to the manufacturer of the fabric does not contain nasty chemicals and does no harm to the environment. There is also a fair trade element to the certification ensuring farmers and factory workers are paid a fair wage, get decent breaks and holidays and there is no child labour used.  You can read more about GOTS certification here.  

Are all your fabrics GOTS certified?

Yes some of our fabrics are GOTS certified.  Most of the Organic Basics range is.  Most other fabrics are provided as organic and some have been tested to ensure they are organic. Refer to the information provided on the product collection page.

Can you send out samples of your fabrics?

Yes we are happy to send out sampling.  These do cost us to purchase and prepare so there is a small charge for sampling.  You can purchase most sampling on each individual fabric page.

Do you have other fabrics not showing on the website?

Yes we have a large range of other fabrics we can source for you, if you are after a particular type of fabric.  Please contact us to let us know what you are looking for. If you are a retailer or product designer please read our wholesale information and sampling service pages.

Do you use organic cotton thread?

Yes, We are transitioning into using organic cotton thread in the overlocking of our homewares, and recycled polyester for stitching.


Can you make things for me out of the fabrics?

Depending on where you are and what you are wanting to have made out of the fabrics we can make up soft furnishings for you.  Alternatively, contact your local stockist and they may be able to made things up for you; such as cushions, lampshades curtains and upholstery.